Welcome to the ‘Kingfisher House Day Nursery’, Nursery School & Holiday Club


The environment and continuity of care is critically important in the baby unit. The floor has lots of toys within easy reach and access for crawling babies.


Tiny Tots are on the opposite side of the divide in the middle of the room which makes it an easy transition when the 0 – 1 babies move over.


In Toddlers we have a good routine with educational stimulation through play. We primarily use the Birth to Three Framework,

A Welcome to Parents

Dear Parents,

I hope that this brief overview gives you an idea of everyday life within our Nursery. When you visit, you will notice the warm welcome and how much fun everyone has.

We believe a child’s learning should be fun and by creating a stimulating environment, we encourage every child’s natural curiosity to observe, experience and learn. This approach encourages a flying start in education. The creation of a happy, stimulating and safe environment is brought about by our committed staff, who share an absolute love of children.

Kingfisher House Day Nursery develops each child’s social skills and the confidence they need in their formative years, providing a sound platform for their transition into school life and so on into adulthood.

Our staff show a commitment to on-going development and adaptation of our facilities. We aim to seek a balance between well-tried principles, parent input and acknowledged values with current trends in “Nursery care and educational thinking”

Our Staff

We take pride in ensuring we only have the best motivated loving professionals to look after your child.

Our staff are handpicked not only for their qualifications but also for their skills and personality.

They are trained to a very high standard and have to show an ongoing commitment to training.


Kingfisher House Day Nursery opened in 2001 and is situated on Hawarden Industrial Estate which is well located with easy access to the A55 for parents travelling to work in neighbouring towns within Flintshire and the Chester area. We are a privately owned single site Nursery registered for 75 children.

Indoor Play Areas

The Nursery has four other rooms that can be used for different activities.
Classrooms are bright and airy with a range of good quality display materials on the walls, including examples of children’s work. The Nursery is appropriately resourced to meet the needs of the Foundation Phase curriculum.

Designated areas provide the children with attractive activity areas.


Outdoor Play Areas

The outside play area adjoins the baby room. The babies have a stimulating, loving friendly and relaxed atmosphere with regular staff on hand to help with their needs. The routine in the baby room is flexible to accommodate our babies’ individual daily needs.

Pre-School Room

Our Pre-school children areas continue on the Foundation Phase principles of learning. The day is structured, with all areas of learning covered in preparation for school. The room is set up in the morning so that the children have freedom of choice in what they want to do.

Planned Outings

We have designated school run drivers for continuity which helps when the new term begins as it is a familiar face picking them up. During half term when the vehicles are not being used outings are planned to the beach, forests, activity centres and parks to broaden the children’s learning and awareness of the outdoors.

What The Parents Say

Your Children

Kingfisher House  Day Nursery provides your child with a caring, happy safe environment that encourages them to learn and grow. Your child’s complete happiness is paramount at Kingfisher House  Day Nursery.

  • We have Caring and very supportive staff
  • A social and educational environment
  • Flexible services
  • Conveniently located close to the Hawarden Industrial Estate
  • Host your child’s birthday part in a safe, fun, easy to get to and park location


Our policies cover all areas of the nursery from health and safety to risk assessments. All our policies are available for inspection and at the moment all our Policies & Procedures are reviewed annually. Staff are regularly trained to all aspects of safety.

Access to the nursery is restricted. Staff escort parents and visitors to and from the Nursery ensuring that the door is securely locked behind them.


  • A warm, friendly, welcoming environment
  • Specialist early years childcare from highly trained staff
  • A superb standard of education from qualified, experienced nursery nurses
  • Extremely nutritious food, cooked in accordance with religious and special dietary needs


We have a varied menu, which will ensure your child receives and appealing and nutritious, balanced diet. Vegetarian, medical and special diets are catered for.

We aim to make mealtimes a sociable experience for all to enjoy – we encourage the children to have good eating habits, table manners and conversation.

Your children’s education and welfare are our main priorities

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