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Rita Morgan, the Owner, believes in ‘learning through play. She started her career in childcare as a Child-minder in 1998 in her own residence aiming to provide quality childcare and education for local children, including her own. Then in 2000 Rita found a premises and renovated and registered it as a Children’s Day Nursery known as it still is today “Kingfisher House Day Nursery”. Since then the Nursery has gradually expanded, taken on a dedicated team of staff some of which are still with us today and helped to educate hundreds of children across North East Wales and the Chester area.

Rita is qualified to NVQ level 4 in Childcare & Management. She has also undertaken other relevant training and has used this knowledge to encompass principles into the children’s day to day learning and education.

The Nursery manager is also qualified to NVQ level 4 and has been with us since August 2003. All remaining 21 staff are qualified to NVQ level 3 or equivalent and also some of which have progressed to NVQ level 4, except cooks and our cleaner

Pre School 2

Kingfisher House Day Nursery opened in 2001 and is situated on Hawarden Industrial Estate which is well located with easy access to the A55 for parents travelling to work in neighbouring towns within Flintshire and the Chester area. We are a privately owned single site Nursery registered for 75 children.

We continue to hold our Food Hygiene rating from the Environmental Health Department at level 5. All children’s meals are cooked fresh in our kitchen daily, by our nursery cooks. We provide breakfast with milk or water to drink, mid-morning snack with milk, lunch with diluted apple juice, mid-afternoon snack with milk, tea with milk or water. Fresh drinking water is available from 8.00am – 6.00pm as and when a child requires.

4 week rolling menus are displayed and varied according to your child’s dietary needs. The menus are reviewed every 3 years and changed if needed on a regular basis. Special diets are catered for on a daily basis and strict procedures are followed for children with allergies or suspected allergies to certain foods. There is a special diet list in every room so that all staff are aware of the children with allergies and parent preferences.

We grow some of our own fruit, vegetables and herbs which links in to the curriculum. Children pick the fruit and vegetables and take them to the kitchen to be cooked. Desserts and cakes are home cooked so that we can control the amount of sugar in the food we provide. We never add salt to any of our foods.

Children in Pre-school are encouraged to serve themselves with food and drink with the help of staff nearby. Staff are encouraged to eat if they want to with the children to act as role models in showing the children the way.

Our policies cover all areas of the nursery from health and safety to risk assessments. All our policies are available for inspection and at the moment all our Policies & Procedures are reviewed annually. Staff are regularly trained to all aspects of safety this includes Paediatric First Aid, Handling & Lifting, Child Protection and Food Hygiene. Room leaders carry out risk assessments for all play activities and the office carry out Health & Safety risk assessments throughout the Nursery.

Access to the nursery is restricted. Staff escort parents and visitors to and from the Nursery ensuring that the door is securely locked behind them. Visitors are never left unattended and the use of mobile phones is strictly forbidden for staff, parents and visitors.

At Kingfisher House Day Nursery we are primarily an English speaking Nursery. However through Early Entitlement Training we have staff that can deliver basic Welsh and Welsh songs, rhymes and phrases. Basic Welsh is used during the course of the day, throughout the whole Nursery, to teach children the basics of our national language.

If you wish to register your child at Kingfisher House Day Nursery the nursery manager will clarify if the days and times required are available for your child. You will be asked to fill in a registration form accompanied by your registration fee.

The nursery manager will write to you to confirm your place is booked fees and discounts given and what will be required. You will be asked at this time to book your child into nursery for free trial sessions and an induction so that we can find out more about your child and their routine.

A full copy of our terms and conditions of business will be given to all parents along with the fees guide, contract and booking form

Complaints and concerns are taken seriously at Kingfisher House Day Nursery. Depending on your concern or complaint you can speak with your child’s room leader, keyworker or any of the managers or Proprietor.

What The Parents Say

Meet Our Staff

We take pride in ensuring we only have the best motivated loving professionals to look after your child. Our staff are handpicked not only for their qualifications but also for their skills and personality.

They are trained to a very high standard and have to show an ongoing commitment to training. We have an internal training program which consists of Health & Safety and Room procedure induction, fire evacuation training, COSHH and how to use equipment in the Nursery.

We aim to provide a learning environment for all our staff to develop them socially and intellectually and provide support supervision and regular staff appraisals.

We recognise at Kingfisher House Day Nursery that all children develop at different rates. We monitor and carry out individual daily observations and assessment up until the child goes to school.

The assessments cover all areas of learning through the Foundation Phase and Birth to Three Frameworks. These assessments are available to parents & guardians to view at any time and every 6 months parents will get the opportunity to formally meet with keyworkers to see how their child is coming along in Nursery.