• Baby Room The floor has lots of toys within easy reach and access for crawling babies

Food and Drinks

We continue to hold our Food Hygiene rating from the Environmental Health Department at level 5. All children's meals are cooked fresh in our kitchen daily, by our nursery cooks. We provide breakfast with milk or water to drink, mid-morning snack with milk, lunch with diluted apple juice, mid-afternoon snack with milk, tea with milk or water. Fresh drinking water is available from 8.00am – 6.00pm as and when a child requires.

4 week rolling menus are displayed and varied according to your child’s dietary needs. The menus are reviewed every 3 years and changed if needed on a regular basis. Special diets are catered for on a daily basis and strict procedures are followed for children with allergies or suspected allergies to certain foods. There is a special diet list in every room so that all staff are aware of the children with allergies and parent preferences.

We grow some of our own fruit, vegetables and herbs which links in to the curriculum. Children pick the fruit and vegetables and take them to the kitchen to be cooked. Desserts and cakes are home cooked so that we can control the amount of sugar in the food we provide. We never add salt to any of our foods.

Children in Pre-school are encouraged to serve themselves with food and drink with the help of staff nearby. Staff are encouraged to eat if they want to with the children to act as role models in showing the children the way.