Baby Room Tint Tots Todler Pre school

Our Room’s, Ratios & Age Ranges

Baby Room (0 -1 years) Ratio 1:3

The environment and continuity of care is critically important in the baby unit. The floor has lots of toys within easy reach and access for crawling babies. Similarly there is also furniture which encourages babies further on in their development to pull themselves up and use the furniture as an aid for standing and motoring around. Babies can rest on the soft mats or on the comfy bed if they want to. There is an adjoining room equipped with cots for babies to have a peaceful sleep. The outside play area adjoins the baby room. The babies have a stimulating, loving friendly and relaxed atmosphere with regular staff on hand to help with their needs. The routine in the baby room is flexible to accommodate our babies’ individual daily needs.

Tiny Tots (1 – 2 years) Ratio 1:3

Tiny Tots are on the opposite side of the divide in the middle of the room which makes it an easy transition when the 0 – 1 babies move over. Things move on slightly in Tiny Tots for example the children sit at a table instead of using high chairs; they sleep on low beds and become independent learners ready for their next transition. Tiny Tots share the outside play area with the 0-1 babies which is a good opportunity for the two age groups to mix and find out about each other. Tiny Tots have everything they need to play, relax and be adventurous and they are always busy with play and activities.

Toddler Room (2 – 3 years) Ratio 1:4 Maximum Capacity 16

In Toddlers we have a good routine with educational stimulation through play. We primarily use the Birth to Three Framework and mix The foundation Phase for the older Toddlers to try to prepare them for their entry into Pre-school. Toddlers have a separate sleep room which is monitored by a member of staff and they have access to the main outside play area which is shared with the Pre-school children. Toddlers are always very busy but have a fun filled action packed day.

Pre-school Room (3 – 5 years) Ratio 1:8 Maximum Capacity 32

Our Pre-school children areas continue on the Foundation Phase principles of learning. The day is structured, with all areas of learning covered in preparation for school. The room is set up in the morning so that the children have freedom of choice in what they want to do. School runs are catered for from most of the local schools. We have designated school run drivers for continuity which helps when the new term begins as it is a familiar face picking them up. During half term when the vehicles are not being used outings are planned to the beach, forests, activity centres and parks to broaden the children’s learning and awareness of the outdoors. All activities are risk assessed throughout the Nursery and whilst out and about. We ask outside agencies to come and visit us and do awareness talks with our older children. A qualified teacher visits the setting once every 2 weeks to help deliver our Early Entitlement sessions.