‘Tiny Tots’ Kingfisher Day Nursery – Toddler Unit

Catering for the needs of Toddlers at around 1 – 2 years toddlers enter the Tiny Tots unit, when you view nursery you will notice the differences in the lay out, there are more tables and chairs for table top activities, there is a quiet room in which the children can have a nap.

Tiny Tots are on the opposite side of the divide in the middle of the room which makes it an easy transition when the 0 – 1 babies move over. Things move on slightly in Tiny Tots for example the children sit at a table instead of using high chairs; they sleep on low beds and become independent learners ready for their next transition.

Tiny Tots share the outside play area with the 0-1 babies which is a good opportunity for the two age groups to mix and find out about each other. Tiny Tots have everything they need to play, relax and be adventurous and they are always busy with play and activities.



A warm, friendly, welcoming environment

Play Areas

Outside there is a play area where children play on wheeled tricycles, scooters, hoops and other play equipment


A superb standard of education from qualified, experienced nursery nurses


A social and educational environment


Specialist early years childcare from highly trained staff


Provides your child with a caring, happy safe environment that encourages them to learn and grow